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Covered California Certified Insurance Agent

Open Enrollment for Coverage Starting January 1 Runs From 11/1/2021 to 12/15/2021. New Carriers Available!

The American Rescue Plan Act made dramatic changes in health insurance affordability, especially for higher-income households, since the income cap for receiving financial assistance was removed; now most families spending more than 8.5% of their household income on health insurance premiums are eligible for assistance. People with off-exchange plans might see dramatic savings by switching to equivalent plans through Covered California. Call us today for an appointment!

Additional insurance carriers have entered the individual marketplace for 2022, including Anthem Blue Cross. Even areas like South Lake Tahoe, which have had only one carrier offering plans, will now have multiple options. The 2022 renewal period is already under way; call us to discuss your options.

Senate bill 78 restored the individual mandate for having health insurance that was part of the Affordable Care Act from 2014 to 2018. Since 1/1/2020, Californians face a penalty of up to 2.5% of their taxable income for failing to maintain health insurance coverage.

We have been a certified agent for Covered California since the first open enrollment began in 2013. Correctly completing the online Covered California application is crucial to obtaining the proper amount of advanced premium tax credits to offset the cost of coverage. We've helped hundreds of families complete the application and choose the best health insurance plans for their particular needs. We are paid by the insurance companies to provide this service. There is no cost to you for our assistance, so call us today!

If you are a business owner looking to start or change a group health insurance plan, we can help you too! We work directly with the carriers, and for small businesses who are eligible, Covered California for Small Business.